The Hill.

Directed by Dave Morgan & Produced by Andrew Scholotiuk.

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"When the festival got cancelled, we entered into a really unique partnership with the festival and [FAVA] and hunkered down and cut all this footage into a film we think you'll like," Morgan said. Watch & listen to the full interview with film Director Dave Morgan on CTV Edmonton:

Director Notes
By Dave Morgan

My friend and producing partner Andy made the suggestion that I write some Directors notes on the making of this film. I am of course a poor scribe but felt it was an obligation to describe and acknowledge the work, passion, support and dedication of many hands.

For many years I was the Production Coordinator of the Film and Video Arts Society, Fava, we shared office space with the Folk Festival in the beautiful Ortona Amoury. Over the years I had struck up a friendship with Terry Wickham, festival producer. One cold February day he and I were the only folks in the building and we were chatting and the idea that a film about the Folk Festival was a natural, I being in the film business, him in the festival business, an idea was born. Well that was in 1998.

It is important that I acknowledge the Folk Festival, without their support and encouragement this film would not have happened. It is rare that a filmmaker has the kind of access and full-fledged assistance to the subject that I had. Everyone at the festival, those who work there, those that volunteer, those who perform offered us kindness and help. We were able to finish this film because of a great partnership between the filmmakers, the Folk Fest and favatv. The folks at the Folk Fest worked incredibly hard to make this possible.

The same gratitude for the support from Fava it was mission critical.

Ok it is 22 years later from we first rolled some film at this beautiful festival and roll film we did. This project was conceived as a kind of unofficial Fava feature, fava members jumped in whole-heartedly. Over the many intervening years many hands have Touched and aided and enhanced this project. If I name them all it will be a couple of pages of names, so please do me a favor and stay for the credits {you will be glad you did and hear a great song from a late great artist}

So we went and shot at the festival for many years trying to get an up close and intimate view and of course hear great music. We had a blast, we would receive funding take it to the next step and then it would sleep for a while.

Albatross film, it is the one that weighs heavily on you, most filmmakers have one, and it’s the film you just can’t seem to finish. They can haunt you a little bit. When Covid 19 came, friend Andy and I reached out to Terry and the folks at the festival about their plans for the now cancelled festival. We spoke to the opportunity to finish the dormant film and stream on Folk Fest weekend. They graciously came aboard and we have in a compressed timeline finished The Hill.

The folks who went to The Hill and shot, the favatv crew they are heroes all.

A word about favatv, for a number of years fava members went and shot at the festival, daily wrap ups for the big screen and live from stage 6. The footage was invaluable to the completion of this film.

I must mention Jenica Ross, Ryan Dupas and Cole Martin’s epic work on postproduction in the bunker during a plague. They are Fava the Next Generation and we are in good hands. We had to cut a feature in about half the time really needed.

The folks at the festival worked tirelessly on contacting musicians to provide the music and what a great selection it is. It was astounding the response we got. Folks said absolutely you can use our songs; there were offers of helping to promote the film and kind wishes. I write this as we rush to the deadline, the above-mentioned folks like everyone who was involved did work they should be proud of, I am proud of them.

My last word will be thanks to Fava who has supported and created a community for 38 or so years. So to all who have worked there, volunteered, and supported this grand idea, this film belongs to all of you.

And now really my last word ……..Thanks Andy.

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